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About us

Established in 1944, The Village Association were tasked with raising funds for a War Memorial in the form of a first-class Village Hall. 

Since 1965 this historic ground has been managed by the Long Ashton Community Association Charity (LACA). 

As each decade has passed, with support from the local community, and the Parish Council – LACA has built upon the founders’ vision and created a multi-purpose facility that serves the community 7-days a week. With so many wonderful memories; Community fundraisers, parties’ sports events, and regular groups; It is easy to see how our centre has become the beating heart of the community. 

The association is run by a team of voluntary trustees who share responsibility for governing the charity. Their purpose is to direct how the charity is managed and run through its governing document, policies and procedures. 

LACA employs a centre manager, who is responsible for the everyday operational matters of the centre. These include but are not limited to; staffing, facilities management and community engagement. 

Every month the trustees and the centre manager meet to discuss various governance matters relating to the charity. When making decisions, our trustees act in good faith and only in the interests of the charity. 

To support the centre manager, LACA also employs an admin assistant and three caretakers. The community centre garden is located just outside of the Club Room and is looked after by a team of volunteer gardeners.

For more information about volunteering opportunities, take a look here.

How we are funded

As a charity, we rely on the support of the local community to keep the centre running. Although we receive a yearly grant from the Parish Council to help us pay for essential building maintenance, our principal income comes from the hiring out our halls and facilities. Therefore we rely heavily on fundraising events and regular monetary donations to keep the centre open. Whether it through hiring one of our halls, supporting a fundraising event or by making a monetary donation, your contributions help us to preserve the past and secure the future of our much-loved community centre. Our centre is the heart of our community. Let’s keep it beating. 
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